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When the Devices screen loads up, scroll down to the bottom. Here you will see a preview of your camera to check your view and surroundings before joining a meeting. We hope you find the following fixes and solutions in this Windows 10 guide helpful. Whether you have successfully resolved the camera issues on Microsoft Teams or still facing them, please let us know in the comments. If the button is greyed out, Windows has probably deleted the backup of the previous driver version.

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  • Again, for a 6-year-old webcam, it performed amazingly well in this aspect.
  • If you haven鈥檛 given your device a Windows update in a while, it鈥檚 a good idea to download here do so.

While there are several 鈥渢est your webcam online鈥 sites, they have drawbacks, for one, webcam test sites may have the provision 鈥測ou may be recorded鈥 bundled in their terms of use. For another, the increased use of the internet does not ensure online security. So, one way how to test your webcam while limiting security exposure is more 鈥渢raditional鈥 offline methods that don鈥檛 connect to the internet.

Reinstall Microsoft Teams App

Once the scan is complete and you give the go-ahead, it downloads and installs the latest manufacturer-recommended version of the required driver software. It also backs up the current version of the drivers before the update so that you can roll back if required. It is the perfect tool for keeping your PC in top shape at all times, ensuring you don鈥檛 run into annoying issues with your hardware devices.

If you are using an external web camera, the first thing you have to do is to unplug the web camera from the USB port, reboot your computer, and re-plug it again after some time. Now, move ahead to the next section to resolve this issue. Analyze the reason to implement selective troubleshooting methods to attain quick results.


As you can see it鈥檚 really not hard to switch to different hardware for WhatsApp calls. However, you won鈥檛 be able to change the default webcam and microphone for WhatsApp unless you place a call. So, make sure you do this real quick before the recipient picks up the call.

You鈥檒l also notice that background elements are more detailed and colorful in pictures taken with the Microsoft webcam, but without distracting from my face. We have tested the 32bit installer and it’s working for us aswell. We are switching from 64bit to 32bit installer. We will cleanup all MS Teams folder in %LocalAppData% and %AppData% and then after re-logon users will get the 32bit client into profile. We have another issue with MS Teams , currently with 32bit client we cannot reproduce it. Hopefully it will keep working with 32bit client.

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