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Home Accounting for Law Firms: A Guide Including Best Practices

Accounting for Law Firms: A Guide Including Best Practices


Again, you should also be spending daily recording your firm’s transactions. Although every state differs in its rules regarding payment processing for law firms, most state bar associations support credit, debit, and the various electronic forms of payment.

  • It can also stage how the relationship with the law firm will work and where to highlight your value-add.
  • This method of accounting does not recognize accounts receivable or accounts payable.
  • By following these tips, lawyers can help ensure that they are keeping accurate and up-to-date records for their law firms.
  • And without proper care, it’s easy to slip up and make a dangerous error.
  • Do some additional research to narrow your list down to only your top 2-3 choices.
  • This guide gives you a practical overview of the fundamentals of bookkeeping for attorneys and accounting for law firms.

A budget helps you set expectations regarding cash flow and expenses for the year, reducing the likelihood of missing a payment or bouncing a check. Your law firm will also be able to set revenue benchmarks, which will help you determine if you are meeting your goals or need to adjust your business plan.

InvoiceSherpa: For automating payment reminders

Many new business owners view accounting and bookkeeping identically. Both are looking to help your firm grow and succeed financially. And to get a better sense of how LeanLaw legal software can improve your law firm client’s operations, sign up for a free trial and learn more about our LeanLaw Accounting Pros program.

financial management

When assembling your chart, speak with an accounting expert who is experienced with law firms and can provide a law firm chart of accounts sample. A good law firm chart of accounts sample will include the main elements listed within this article—properly itemized and separated by your accounting expert or experienced lawyer.

QuickBooks for Lawyers

law firm bookkeeping firms need to spend extra time setting up their accounting software before opening for business. To ensure you set up to track CTAs and retainer payments correctly, engage a law accountant. Bookkeeping and accounting are important for all businesses, but they are especially important for law firms. A good bookkeeper can help you keep your finances accurate and up-to-date, which can help you attract clients and improve your image.

All of this work related to the migration is an opportunity to create the proper foundation, both technically and fiscally. It can also stage how the relationship with the law firm will work and where to highlight your value-add.

Accounting terms you need to know

IOLTA is a software platform that helps law firms manage their finances and keep records of their transactions. IOLTA can be used to track billable hours, expenses, client payments, and trust accounting. A bookkeeper can be hired to help with accounting tasks, such as billing clients and monitoring expenses. It must also have a three-way reconciliation of client ledgers, trust accounts, and bank statements, in… These errors can lead to wasted time and complications for a law firm’s bookkeeping process. In other industries, it is allowed to keep clients’ prepayments in your operating account and use the money to fund client projects.

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