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8 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 11

Updates are released on the second Tuesday of each month. To be safe, I鈥檇 wait until after Tuesday, Nov. 9, which will be the second update to Windows 11, to download the new operating system. Waiting is especially important for those who have a single computer that they rely on 鈥 an issue could mean big delays and you鈥檇 likely have to wait another month for a fix. Now that you have downloaded Windows 11 ISO File, lets move to the next step where we will see how to install Windows 11 in your USB drive.

  • Windows 8 was Microsoft鈥檚 attempt to make a modern operating system that wouldn鈥檛 feel foreign to primarily mobile users.
  • Click on Save icon from the upper right corner of the window.
  • It will cover all the main features of the app and how they work.
  • Users have reported several glitches with the snipping tool in Windows 11.

The Settings app has received a new and interesting interface. As you may remember, Microsoft has been trying to do away with the traditional Control Panel for quite some time. With Windows 11, the inconsistency of moving between the Settings app and Control Panel goes away almost entirely.

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Windows 10 also has dark mode, but it鈥檚 not as modern-looking, it requires a bit of tweaking, and it offers fewer options. Slightly more worrying for consumers, however, is that users will require a Microsoft account in order to set up a Windows 11 system. Enterprises and schools will not be affected but the change could come as a shock for users accustomed to running locally. Windows 11 launched in October 2021 with some controversial changes. The first was a considerably reduced list of compatible hardware .

There are situations in which it is more useful to have the screen vertically , and others in which we must have this screen in landscape mode. Similar to the Intel NVIDIA graphic cards provides configuration about display. The internal or external screen can be configured via the NVIDIA Control Panel.

In this article, you’ll learn how to upgrade your Windows 10 PC safely to the newest version of Windows. High performance access to Windows virtual apps and desktops, anywhere access from your desktop, start menu, Workspace app UI or web access with Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. The first is to install Windows 11 as a bootable image to a USB drive or a MicroSD card. You can use applications such as Rufus to accomplish this. This is a relatively simple way to dual-boot and has the advantage of not splitting your Steam Deck鈥檚 storage space between two operating systems.

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At the top of your screen, you will see five icons, four of which allow you to choose the shape for your screenshot. To open the built-in Snipping Tool on Windows 10 or 11, press the Windows+Shift+S keyboard shortcut on your keyboard. There are some “free” article spinners out there that require you to enter http://driversol.com/drivers/acer your text with properly formatted “spintax” in order to create the end result. But now you need a totally separate tool to create this machine formatted text, so there are extra, time consuming steps involved. However Spinbot does all thinking for you, from taking in the context of every phrase to creating additional textual content that is as readable and meaningful as the text you originally entered. In efficiency and performance, Floor merchandise are higher than most laptops.


Sufficient data storage available on the computer, USB, or external drive you are downloading the .iso file to. After you read and accept the installation agreement, click 鈥淎ccept and Install鈥 to begin the download process. Your PC will download Windows 11, verify the download and then start the installation process.

Open the Snipping Tool application by typing in the name of the application in the search bar and hit Enter to open it. Always check the additional options and settings, highlighted in purple here. This button allows you to share your image using the applications on your device. This might be email, social media, or nearby sharing across WiFi or Bluetooth. However, you have to set up your device with those applications.

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